LetsWork was founded to help small business owners pursue their passions and serve their customers. At LetsWork, we believe in executing superior products and service experiences that help you save time and make your business better.

So what are you waiting for? Let's get to work.


Cameron Martin, Founder & Ceo

E: cmartin@letsworksolutions.com

LetsWork Business Solutions was founded by Cameron Martin fueled by a passion to help people with their businesses.

Since graduating from Western New England University with a degree in Business Education, Cameron has worked as a business teacher. Cameron teaches courses in Accounting, Management & Leadership, Marketing, Business Fundamentals and Microsoft Office Applications.

Cameron's business experience coupled with his teaching experience in customer service management uniquely allows him to better serve the varying needs of his clients. 

Cameron Martin earned his Masters in Business Administration from Western New England University in 2016. 

Cameron is a certified Quickbooks Certified ProAdvisor.